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Jill Pennock
Cliff Top Boarding Kennels
Rocks Lane
North Yorkshire
YO13 0HX

Tel: 01723 870456
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The kennels are open to the public at the following times :~

Monday to Saturday
9:00am to 5:00pm

Sunday Closed


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Jill Pennock

Jill Pennock has been involved in the field of canine care since 1972. she has trained and competed in obedience, working trials and Schutzund competitions for the past 26 years.

As well as being a full time dedicated kennel operator, she is a fully qualified dog training instructor, and has been instructing independent training classes since 1995, and now runs several classes in a specialised paddock at the kennels.

She also works with individuals to accomodate dogs and their handlers individual requirements.

Cliff Top Boarding Kennels ...

Enjoying some of the most stunning views on the Yorkshire coast the seven acres of 'Cliff Top' was established as a boarding kennels in 1999. Very soon the family run business earned the valued reputation of being one of the best kennels in the county offering the high standard of canine care. The kennels have a strong association with 'The Dogs Trust' and from the kennels operate one of their micro-chip implantation schemes.

The family have recently expanded the business to board cats, a welcome addition to the business. The purpose built housings are maintained to the same high standards as the dog kennels.

The kennels are open to boarders all year round and are fully insured.

Our Fees (per day)

1 dog = £13.00
2 dogs (sharing a kennel) £23.00
3 dogs (sharing a kennel) £34.00

1 cat = £8.00
2 cats (sharing an enclosure) £14.00
3 cats (sharing an enclosure) £20.00

Fees are not subject to VAT

Cliff Top Boarding Kennels

Cliff Top Boarding Kennels


Collection & Delivery

Safe transportation of your pet to and from the kennels is available upon request.